Andro Rilović

Phone: +31205256130


Background and interests

I am a PhD Candidate at CREED under the supervision of Joep Sonnemans and Randolph Sloof since September 2014. I am affiliated with the Tinbergen Institute and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam.
I hold a "Master of Philosophy in Economics" degree from the Tinbergen Institute, as well as a "Graduate Economist" degree (equivalent to a joint Bachelor's and Master's degree) from the Economics Faculty of the University of Zagreb (Croatia).
My research interests lie at the intersection of behavioral , experimental and development economics, as well as political economy. Currently I am working on a research project which investigates the effects of transparency on the quality of decision-making in committees, jointly with my two supervisors.
Outside of the office I enjoy skydiving and travelling, but not necessarily in that order.