Programming Economic Experiments with Php/mysql

with contributions by:
Joep Sonnemans
Lucas Molleman
Jona Linde
Roel van Veldhuizen
Boris van Leeuwen
Jeroen van de Ven

Word-in-word task

In this real effort task particpants are presented with one word and they have to form as many as possible words with the letters of that word, of a minimal length. In this example the word is AMSTERDAM and the minimum length of the submitted word is 5; the number of points is length minus 4. So the word MASTER has six letters and earns 2 points, DAM has only 3 letters and one point is subtracted, etc.

You need a table in your database, with the puzzle word and all allowed solutions. You can use websites like for that, but you have to transform it to something readable in the database.

Do this task (I have included only three words in the database) or download a zipfile with the main page and the sql-tables.