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2014-09-25 Ben Vollaard (Tilburg University)
Room: J/K 2.50 (UvA, Roeterseiland), 16.00-17.15.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
van Veelen, Matthijs, Shishi Luo and Burton Simon (2014) A simple model of group selection that cannot be analyzed with inclusive fitness Journal of Theoretical Biology 360, 279-289 Link to article
García, Julián, Matthijs van Veelen and Arne Traulsen (2014) Evil green beards: Tag recognition can also be used to withhold cooperation in structured population Journal of Theoretical Biology 360, 181-186 Link to article
Brunner, Christoph, Audrey Hu and Jörg Oechssler (forthcoming) Premium auctions and risk preferences: An experimental study Games and Economic Behavior Link to article
Linde, Jona, Joep Sonnemans and Jan Tuinstra (2014) Strategies and Evolution in the Minority Game: A Multi-Round Strategy Experiment Games and Economic Behavior 86, 77–95 Link to article
Lacomba, Juan A. , Francisco Lagos, Ernesto Reuben and Frans van Winden (2014) On the escalation and de-escalation of conflict Games and Economic Behavior 86, 40-57 Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Alempaki, Desponia, Gönül Dogan and Silvia Saccardo (2014) Lying to Punish PDF-file
Weber, Matthias, Martin Schumacher and Harald Binder (2014) Regularized Regression Incorporating Network Information: Simultaneous Estimation of Covariate Coefficients and Connection Signs PDF-file
Doğan, Gönül, Rianne Roggema (2014) Lying to be Fair PDF-file
van Apeldoorn, Jacobien and Arthur Schram (2014) Indirect Reciprocity: A Field Experiment PDF-file
Kurz, Sascha, Nicola Maaser, Stefan Napel and Matthias Weber (2014) Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research PDF-file