Working Papers
PhD defense Yang
On October 23 Yang Yang will defend her thesis (14.00).
Ailko van der Veen back in Amsterdam
From October 1 Ailko van der Veen will be the new lab-manager.




2014-11-20 Andreas Leibbrandt (Monash University)
Room: J/K 2.50 (UvA, Roeterseiland), 16.00-17.15.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Kurz, Sascha, Nicola Maaser, Stefan Napel and Matthias Weber (forthcoming) Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research Homo Oeconomicus PDF-file
van Dijk, Frans, Joep Sonnemans and Ed Bauw (forthcoming) Judicial error by groups and individuals Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization PDF-file
Nosenzo, Daniele, Theo Offerman, Martin Sefton and Ailko van der Veen (forthcoming) Discretionary Sanctions and Rewards in the Repeated Inspection Game Management Science PDF-file
de Haan, Thomas, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof (forthcoming) Money talks? An experimental investigation of cheap talk and burned money International Economic Review PDF-file
Schram, Arthur and Gary Charness (forthcoming) Social and Moral Norms in the Laboratory Management Science PDF-file
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Aaron Kamm (2014) Plurality Voting Versus Proportional Representation in the Citizen‐Candidate Model PDF-file
Baghestanian, Sascha, Paul Gortner and Joël van der Weele (2014) Peer Effects and Risk Sharing in Experimental Asset Markets PDF-file
Reuben,Ernesto, Christian Traxler, and Frans van Winden (2014) Advocacy and Political Convergence under Preference Uncertainty PDF-file
Weber, Matthias, Martin Schumacher and Harald Binder (2014) Regularized Regression Incorporating Network Information: Simultaneous Estimation of Covariate Coefficients and Connection Signs PDF-file
Doğan, Gönül, Rianne Roggema (2014) Lying to be Fair PDF-file