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Tenure-track assistant professorship position
In this year job market we are looking for a tenure track ass. prof. in a recently started project "Communication-by-Action and Market-Design". Info about the project




2015-12-08 Roberto Galbiati (Sciences Po)
Voters’ Response to Public Policies: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.
Room: E1.50 (UvA Roeterseiland), 16:00-17:15.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Grossman, Zachary and Joël J. van der Weele (forthcoming) Self-image and willful ignorance in social decisions Journal of the European Economic Association PDF-file
Gomez-Martinez, Francisco, Sander Onderstal, and Joep Sonnemans (forthcoming) Firm-specific information and explicit collusion in experimental oligopolies European Economic Review
Schlag, Karl and Joël van der Weele (2015) A method to elicit beliefs as most likely intervals Judgment and Decision Making 10, 456-468 PDF-file Link to article
Schram,Arthur, Vincent Buskens, Klarita Gerxhani, Jens Großer (2015) Experimental Game Theory and Its Application in Sociology and Political Science PDF-file Link to article
van Winden, Frans (forthcoming) Political economy with affect: On the role of emotions and relationships in political economics European Journal of Political Economy Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Drouvelis, Michalis and Joep Sonnemans (2015) The Endowment Effect in Games PDF-file
Kopányi, Dávid and Anita Kopányi-Peuker (2015) Endogenous information disclosure in experimental oligopolies PDF-file
Kopányi-Peuker, Anita, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof (2015) Team production benefits from a permanent fear of exclusion PDF-file
van Leeuwen, Boris, Abhijit Ramalingam, David Rojo Arjona and Arthur Schram (2015) Authority and Centrality: Power and Cooperation in Social Dilemma Networks PDF-file
van Leeuwen, Boris, Theo Offerman and Arthur Schram (2014) Competition for status creates superstars: An experiment on public good provision and network formation PDF-file