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Valedictory lecture Frans van Winden
Frans van Winden will give his valedictory lecture on Friday June 3, afternoon, in the Aula of the University of Amsterdam. The day before (Thursday June 2) there will be a workshop "New Challenges for Political Economy" (registration required). Info and registration




2016-05-26 Alexander Cappelen (Norwegian School of Economics)
False positives and false negatives in distributive choices.
Room: REC E 0.03, 16:00 - 17:15.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
De Dreu, Carsten K.W., & Kret, Mariska E. (2016) Oxytocin Conditions Intergroup Relations Through Upregulated In-Group Empathy, Cooperation, Conformity, and Defense Biological Psychiatry 165, PDF-file Link to article
Sonnemans, Joep, Frans van Dijk, Bart Donders and Eddy Bauw (forthcoming) An Economic Approach on Countering the Misuse of the Right to Challenge Judges: an experiment European Journal of Law and Economics PDF-file
van Apeldoorn, Jacobien and Arthur Schram (2016) Indirect Reciprocity: A Field Experiment PLoSONE 11, Link to article
Swakman, Violet, Lucas Molleman, Aljaž Ule and Martijn Egas (forthcoming) Reputation-based cooperation: empirical evidence for behavioral strategies Evolution and Human Behavior Link to article
de Groot Ruiz, Adrian, Roald Ramer and Arthur Schram (forthcoming) Formal versus Informal Legislative Bargaining Games and Economic Behavior PDF-file Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Linde,Jona, Daniel Gietl, Joep Sonnemans and Jan Tuinstra (2016) Information and Learning in the Minority Game: A Strategy Experiment PDF-file
Bosman, Ronald, Heike Hennig-Schmidt and Frans van Winden (2016) Emotion at Stake; The role of stake size and emotions in a power-to-take game experiment in China with a comparison to Europe PDF-file
Bault, Nadege, Johannes Fahrenfort, Benjamin Pelloux, Richard Ridderinkhof and Frans van Winden (2016) An Affective Social Tie Mechanism: Theory, Evidence, and Implications PDF-file
Schram, Arthur, Jordi Brandts and Klarita Gerxhani (2016) Status Anxiety Makes Women Underperform PDF-file
Bardsley, Nicholas and Aljaz Ule (2014) Focal Points Revisited: Team Reasoning, the Principle of Insufficient Reason and Cognitive Hierarchy Theory PDF-file