Working Papers
Can science enhance ethics in society?
On 24 February 2017 we hold the ‘Can science enhance ethics in society?’ symposium at the Royal Tropical Institute (08:30-19:30 including reception). Selected speakers: Lamar Pierce, Michel Marechal, Uri Gneezy. Policy speakers: Ousmane Diagana (Vice President for Ethics and Business Conduct, World Bank Group), Nicola Bonucci (director legal affairs OECD), Simon Bentholm (K7, Copenhagen).




2017-03-02 Jean-Robert Tyran (University of Vienna)
Voter Motivation and the Quality of Democratic Choice.
Room: E0.14, 16:00-17:15.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Grossman, Zachary and Joël J. van der Weele (2017) Self-image and willful ignorance in social decisions Journal of the European Economic Association 15, 173-217 PDF-file Link to article
Engelmann, Jan B. and Fehr, Ernst (2016) The slippery slope of dishonesty Nature Neuroscience 19, 1543-1544 PDF-file
van Leeuwen, Boris, Charles Noussair, Theo Offerman, Sigrid Suetens, Matthijs van Veelen and Jeroen van de Ven (forthcoming) Predictably Angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior Management Science PDF-file
Kopányi-Peuker, Anita, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof (forthcoming) Fostering cooperation through the enhancement of own vulnerability Games and Economic Behavior PDF-file
He, Simin, Theo Offerman and Jeroen van de Ven (forthcoming) The Sources of the Communication Gap Management Science PDF-file
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Loerakker, Ben , Nadege Bault , Maximilian Hoyer and Frans van Winden (2016) Asymmetry in the Development of Cooperative and Antagonistic Relationships. A Model-Based Analysis of a Fragile Public Good Game Experiment PDF-file
Kopányi-Peuker, Anita, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof (2015) Team production benefits from a permanent fear of exclusion PDF-file
Brebner, Sarah and Joep Sonnemans (2016) Does the elicitation mechanism impact the endowment effect? PDF-file
Buser, Thomas, Louis Putterman and Joël van der Weele (2016) Gender and Redistribution: Experimental Evidence PDF-file
Weber, Matthias, John Duffy, and Arthur Schram (2016) An Experimental Study of Bond Market Pricing PDF-file