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5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Hu, Audrey and Liang Zoub, (2015) Sequential auctions, price trends, and risk preferences Journal of Economic Theory 158, 319–335 Link to article
Tyszler, Marcelo and Arthur Schram (forthcoming) Information and Strategic Voting Experimental Economics PDF-file Link to article
Linde, Jona and Joep Sonnemans (2015) Decisions under risk in a social and individual context: The limits of social preferences? Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 56, 62-71 Link to article
Shalvi, Shaul, and De Dreu, Carsten K.W. (2014) Oxytocin boosts group-serving dishonesty Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA PDF-file Link to article
Balliet, Daniel, Wu, Junhui, and De Dreu, Carsten K.W. (2014) In-group favoritism in cooperation: A Meta-analysis Psychological Bulletin PDF-file Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Kopányi, Dávid and Anita Kopányi-Peuker (2015) Endogenous information disclosure in experimental oligopolies PDF-file
Kopányi-Peuker, Anita, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof (2015) Team production benefits from a permanent fear of exclusion PDF-file
Gomez-Martinez, Francisco, Sander Onderstal, and Joep Sonnemans (2015) Firm-specific information and explicit collusion in experimental oligopolies PDF-file
van Leeuwen, Boris, Abhijit Ramalingam, David Rojo Arjona and Arthur Schram (2015) Authority and Centrality: Power and Cooperation in Social Dilemma Networks PDF-file
van Leeuwen, Boris, Theo Offerman and Arthur Schram (2014) Competition for status creates superstars: An experiment on public good provision and network formation PDF-file