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5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Ting, Chih-Chung , Stefano Palminteri, Maël Lebreton & Jan B. Engelmann (2020) The elusive effects of incidental anxiety on reinforcement- learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition PDF-file Link to article
Larkin, Ian, Lamar Pierce, Shaul Shalvi, Ann Tenbrunsel (forthcoming) The opportunities and challenges of behavioral field research on misconduct Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes PDF-file
Shalvi, Shaul, Jantsje J. Mol, Catherine Molho, Lihn Vu, Margarita Leib, Ivan Soraperra (forthcoming) Psychological Science for a Responsible Sharing Economy Current Opinion in Psychology PDF-file Link to article
Kujansuu, Essi, and Arthur Schram (forthcoming) Shocking Gift Exchange Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization PDF-file
Hommes, Cars, Anita Kopányi-Peuker and Joep Sonnemans (2021) Bubbles, crashes and information contagion in large-group asset market experiments Experimental Economics 24, 414-433 Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Amasino, Dianna, Davide Pace and Joël van der Weelw (2021) Fair Shares and Selective Attention PDF-file
Schram. Arthur, Jin Di Zheng, and Tatyana Zhuravleva (2020) Corruption: a Cross-Country Comparison of Contagion and Conformism PDF-file
van Winden, Frans (2021) The Informational Affective Tie Mechanism: On the Role of Uncertainty, Context, and Attention in Caring PDF-file
Fischbacher, Urs, David Grammling, Jan Hausfeld (2021) Redistribution beyond equality and status quo - heterogeneous societies in the lab PDF-file
Renerte, Baiba, Jan Hausfeld, Torsten Twardawski (2020) Gender, overconfidence, and optimal group composition for investment decisions PDF-file