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2022-07-01 Vojtěch Bartoš (University of Munich (LMU))
Room: REC A2.08, 15:30-16:45.


5 MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Margarita Leib, Nils Köbis, Ivan Soraperra, Ori Weisel, and Shaul Shalvi (2022) Collaborative dishonesty: A meta-analytic review Psychological Bulletin 147, PDF-file Link to article
Margarita Leib, Karin Kee, David D Loschelder and Marieke Roskes (2022) Perspective taking does not moderate the price precision effect, but indirectly affects counteroffers to asking prices Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 101, PDF-file Link to article
Jaeger, Bastian, Bastiaan Oud, Tony Williams, Eva Krumhuber, Ernst Fehr, Jan B. Engelmann (2022) Can people detect the trustworthiness of strangers based on their facial appearance? Evolution and Human Behavior PDF-file Link to article
Leib, Margarita, Nils Köbis, Marc Francke, Shaul Shalvi and Marieke Roskes (2021) Precision in a Seller’s Market: Round Asking Prices Lead to Higher Counteroffers and Selling Prices Management Science 67, 11048-1055 PDF-file Link to article
de Jong, Johan, Joep Sonnemans and Jan Tuinstra (2022) The effect of futures markets on the stability of commodity prices Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 198, 176-211 Link to article
5 MOST RECENT WORKING PAPERS (click for abstract)
Working Papers
Chang, Li-Ang, Lotte Warns, Konstantinos Armaos, Ava Q. Ma de Sousa, Femke Paauwe, Christin Scholz, Jan B. Engelmann (2022) Mentalizing in economic games is associated with enhanced activation and connectivity in left temporoparietal junction PDF-file
Sun, Junze, Arthur Schram, and Randolph Sloof (2022) Public Persuasion in Elections: Single-Crossing Property and the Optimality of Censorship PDF-file
Amasino, Dianna, Davide Pace and Joël van der Weelw (2021) Fair Shares and Selective Attention PDF-file
van Winden, Frans (2021) The Informational Affective Tie Mechanism: On the Role of Uncertainty, Context, and Attention in Caring PDF-file
Fischbacher, Urs, David Grammling, Jan Hausfeld (2021) Redistribution beyond equality and status quo - heterogeneous societies in the lab PDF-file