CREED lab rules
  1. No deception! All information the participants receive must be true.
  2. Reasonable payment for participants. If participants get a very low payment, they will not enlist for other experiments and when the payments are very high participants may form unrealistic expectations. In both cases there are negative external effects for other experimenters.
  3. The experimental design must be presented in a CREED lunch seminar before the experiment is run.
  4. Data-integrity: directly after a session is run the experimenter fills in the logbook and sends the raw data files to creedexperimentdata@gmail.com and all the co-authors. After the last session of an experiment the experimenter sends the computer program to the same email address.
  5. When the participants are not from our regular subject pool but from vulnerable groups like children, patients, etc; or when the experiment may have lasting effects on the well-being of the participant; or when in the CREED lunch seminar members of the audience have serious ethical objections, the experimenter should seek approval from the IRB (Institutional Review Board, also known as the ethical committee) before running the experiment.